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Switch off dryer with help from de energy function off a socket

I have the Homey a week and already achieved a lot by experimenting, but also by this forum. I invented something for our dryer with the INNR SP120 socket.

I try to make a flow that when the energy comes under for example 50 Watt the socket is switched off. This works. Only it can happen that during the drying program the dryer does nothing and falls below the wattage. The socket switches off. Even if I put a delay on the socket.

Does anyone have a work arround, which the socket only switches off by 0 Watts after 10 minutes?

Thanks for all help

how do you measure the energy? the sp 120 can’t do this if i’m not wrong. or do you use an other setup?

Yeah use the countdown app. When the power is 0 watts start countdown 10 min. When timer is finished en power is still 0 watts turn off socket. You have to make 2 flows for this.

Hello. See here the pictures!

First pic is the Homey App
Second pic Homey App on PC

OK Thanks! I have the whole evening trying it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hey. I made this. Flow 1 and Flow 2 see the photos. It works independently of each other. Together no way :tired_face:

Do you have any additions to make this work?

Dont use the “start flow” in your first picture.

And replace the “this flow start” with “zandloper is leeg” in the second picture, and delete the "zandloper"in the AND colum

It works :facepunch: Thanks

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Thx for the info of the Energy measurement. Couldn‘t find it in the Infos of innr. So it is a cheaper zigbee alternative of the zwave neo coolcam Örtchens Fibaro plug?!

That is why I chose this one. so far very satisfied

Is it this new sp 120 innr one?
Innr SP 120 SmartPlug, intelligente Funkschalt-Steckdose, Echo Plus & Philips Hue kompatibel, 2300W https://www.amazon.de/dp/B074MD6W37/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_E..MBbRTATDH4

I found an old innr which is bigger. Perhaps the old one measures energy?

Don‘t understand me wrong. Would love to buy the new one if it really has energy measurement. But there is no Single Page in the Web where it is discriped

The new SP120 is much smaller then the old one.
It has power measuring but only in the Homey Innr app. If you use the original Innr smartphone app or use it in Philips Hue than there is no power measuring available.
I use it for a fee weeks now and it works great and i like it for it’s small size.
Be careful, it is 10A, 2300 watt max, so make sure your washing machine or dryer doesn’t use more power at its peak.

Good tip!!

Thank you Martin for the detailed Infos. Strange that it has the measurement only with the homey innr app. And not in the original app.

But hey another point for homey! Great. Thx for enlightenment!

That’s a :ballot_box_with_check:️ one. I will heck it. Thank you!

I will check that first. Thank you!