Switch floorheating pump on Evohome trigger

Is it possible to switch a powerplug (any brand which works with Homey) on/off when a specific room in Evohome needs heating?

My case:
I have floor heating at the ground floor and radiators in the other rooms. At the moment the pump of the floor heating is always on which means that if one of the other rooms need heating the ground floor also will be heated along with the others.
When I can switch the pump off when the ground floor is already at the wanted temperature the other rooms get heated properly and the ground floor also stays at the correct temperature. Of course the pump need to be switched on when the ground floor needs heating.

Something like
Everything minute
If temp set >= temp actual
Switch on pump

The if statement uses the BLL library to compare two temperatures of the Evohome zone.

Or just use the built-in Logic card:

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As far as I can see now is that the Evohome app doesn’t give the target or current temperature.

Look under logic cards.

This are the options (in Dutch).
The modus is about off, vacation mode, eco mode…

These are the available cards of the Thermostat central controller in the IF/WHEN part of the flow. You should also add the evohome zones as devices. And look under the AND part for logic cards. Then you can select the card above and use the tags of the zone.