Need some help with my flow => switch on floor heating pums

My central heating switches on if one out of 3 VThermostats (WK / Tuin and BK, being the living room, the garden room and the bathroom) requests heating:

So, if either VThermostat in the AND section triggers, the condition in the AND is met and the THEN cards are executed. If none are met, the ELSE cards are executed and the central heating switches off. That works fine :slight_smile:

To complicate things, the living room has a pump that feeds the floor heating and the two other rooms share another floor heating pump. So, I have two floor heating pumps; one that feeds the living room and one that feeds the ‘tuin’ and the bathroom. The flow challange is two switch the right pump on and off… or both on and both off…

So, let’s say that the living room requests heating, and the two other rooms not. In that case the heating switches on with the above flow. Another flow (or flows) should now switch ON the pump in the living room, and switch OFF (if it was on) the pump that feeds the other two rooms. I made this flow:

That works, BUT… if both the living room and the bathroom request heating (so, two VThermostats are ON), the flow is not correct; both pumps should be switched on, but my flow does not support that…

I am stuck now…

Any bright soul with an idea to solve this?


Move the ELSE part to a second flow, start the second flow from this ELSE part. Then in the second flow you can make a new selection in de AND column an have as the result again 2 possibilities.

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That’s a quick response @JPe4619. Thank you!

Could you elaborate a bit please. I am not sure I get it… sorry!
(you mean to put ‘start a flow’ in the ELSE section of my first flow?)

Yes, Start a flow, but the second flow must then be available, otherwise you can’t select it.

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I understand now. That was what I was looking for; some sort of nested flow-ing. Thanks so much!

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