Support for Lanbon devices

I have found quite interesting and nice looking products from Lanbon - I’m building a new house and would really like to use them throughout, but at the moment there is no support for them.
Can those devices be supported somehow? Maybe they used to be sold under different name? Anybody heard about them? Many thanks…

I am a complete newbie to Homey and I too rate the Lanbon products and would like to use them when I get started with Homey but, I cannot find any discussions apart from this one which I am replying to now!

I also see that the author Rafael did not get any responses to his inquiry of more than a year ago now? Has there not been any further developments at all here for this subject anyone? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

Yes they work and im using them though they are flashed with Lanbon L8 - openHASP
Then you install mqtt client and mqtt broker on your homey. You connect the mqtt client on homey to the broker and you then connect your lanbon hasp device to your mqtt broker. MQTT Explorer is a great utility to look at the mqtt to se whats happening. Some screenshots below.
Skärmavbild 2021-09-15 kl. 21.36.48

hello friend could you help and explain how to install openhasp on lambon and create pages with buttons? do you have a firmware to share and can I flash on lanbon l8? I would be grateful to you