Can anyone give a simple example of lighting a lamp after the sun goes down. about 30 minutes after sunset ??

Both first and second hit :slight_smile:

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You need the App Sun Events

Don’t know the Homey-Description in English but think:

When >> Day & Time with Sunset
Then >> Turn on Bulb with Delay of 30 Minutes

And if you to lazy to use the search :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue:

Sun goes under

Then switch light on, with a delay of 30 min

Edit: just like @CyberSponk says :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:

thanks [CyberSponk) it was simple

I don’t like use delays because:

  • it’s not possible to Stop a running Flow
  • with a planned or unplanned reboot of homey a running flow is stopped.

Therefore i prefer the sun event App.