Sun events issues after power outages

Hi, we have had a couple of power outages in the last few days. That showed me that Homey and/or the Sun Events app does some strange things after a power outage or PTP.

  • During daytime, when rebooted after power outage, Homey executes my flows that are set to turn on the lights at the golden hour (Sun Events).
  • If I turn them off then, Homey does not turn them on again when it should using the flow at the right time.

When looking at the Sun Events app configuration after the reboot, it shows example times on February 19th. I am not sure why it returns to that date after reboot.
It could be that the above behaviour was caused by the fact that Sun Events thought it was February 19th. After restarting the Sun Events app manually, it updates to the correct date.

Leaves me with a couple of questions:

  • Is it normal behaviour of the Sun Events app to return to a previous date after a Homey reboot / PTP?
  • Is it possible to automatically restart an app right after (re)booting Homey?
  • If so, is it possible to do that even before any flows are executed?

First of all, I don’t recognize your issues at all, so tbh I don’t know what happened or happens. But still to answer your questions.

  1. I don’t believe this, it could however be this way, for example, it doesn’t keep the preset and resets after reboot, or something. I would suggest removing the app and installing it, just to be sure. Be aware though, you will loose your settings in the flows.

  2. Yes, this is possible when enabling super user settings from the experimental settings. Create a flow to reboot the app after ~ 20 after restart.

  3. Yes, incorporate this action into your current flows, keep in mind there is a slight delay in the restart of the app, so add a delay to the followup actions.

Thanks for your thoughts on this Martijn, much appreciated.

Regarding the first point, I do think that either the Sun Events app resets the date after a reboot or PTP, or it just does not permanently store the date each following day. I will look into this in more detail as it puzzles me.

Why the flows associated with / triggered by Sun Events are executed after a reboot is still a mystery, I do not think that the wrong date in the configuration is at fault here, because it also happens when the power has been out in the middle in the night, when Homey is back on the flows that turn on lights at sundown are executed.

Thanks for the experimental settings tip, haven’t used that yet so will look into it.