Streamdeck Integration isnt working

Hello i want to connect my homey with my streamdeck on my pc i did everything the integration said to do but on my streamdeck i need to fill in the acces key which i did and checked if it was correct and it was but i dont know where to find the adress and it sais error cannot connect to homey.
can someone help me with my problem?

Hi @Luka_Eelman,
welcome to the forum :slight_smile:
Sorry, you are experiencing issues. The address, which you are asked to enter in StreamDeck, is shown in the app settings of the integration app. Just above the field where you set the key.
Also, maybe you have done this already, check the FAQs here: Elgato StreamDeck Integration - #2 by Shakesbeard
Let me know if you need further assistance and stay safe!

Can’t get the integration between Stream Deck and Homey working. Steps I’ve done:

  1. Installed Elgato StreamDeck App on Homey.
  2. Entered (and saved) the Homey access key
  3. Homey plugin installed on Stream Deck
  4. When I try to deploy a Button on the Stream Deck I get the following error message: “ERROR: Cannot connect to Homey! Please check the app FAQ on the Homey community forum!”

Next, I have:
5. Removed and reinstalled the apps on both Stream Deck and also Homey;
6. Verified 78 times that the hostname and Access Key are correct.
7. Completely disabled firewall on my MacBook where the Stream Deck is connected.

The Macbook and Homey are running on the same VLAN.
No rules are running on my Edgerouter for this particular VLAN
VPN switched off

Any thoughts?

Hi @Hector,
sure not the first time having issues with Mac but not too long ago one of my app’s users got it working in realtime mode on their Mac.
You might actually find helpful posts from my Mac “customers” on the app’s official thread here: [App][Pro] Elgato StreamDeck Integration

Things you should check with Mac are

  • Firewall settings on the Mac allow the communication?
  • DNS resolution working on the mac? Like the hostname the Integration app shows in the settings page? Is that name found from your Mac?
  • You can also try to verify your setup to eleminate whether it is a config problem of the app itself by trying the cloud address format. It is in the FAQ. Bear in mind to never add any prefix like https or anything in front of the address. Also no trailing slashes at the end.
  • IP addresses don’t work with the plugin at the moment. So the hostname must be resolvable.

If you still have no luck. Try setting up a button the streamdeck and right afterwards send me a diagnostics report for the app. You can do this by going into the menu “More…” → Apps → StreamDeck Integration → Gear Icon → Generate Diagnostics report. Just drop your forum name into the message box. Then I can check whether any connections are established to the Homey.