Starting a Homey flow on a google home display, but show results only on specific google device

Dear fellow Homey enthusiasts,

I created a flow that starts to cast the whereabouts of my children on google home displays. With Google Chromecast it will cast a html link with GPS coordinates. This works just fine and is really fun, but If i start it, it will cast to all set google devices, but I would like to cast the result only on the Google device with started the sequence. Does anyone know how to get this working? How can I “tell” the flow to just cast the result to the initiating google display device? Anyone?

Could you share the flow?

sure, this is the (simple) flow. If possible, I would like to start the flow knowing from which Google Home device it was initiated and then cast the flow to that specific google home device. IF i now start the advanced flow from any google home device, it will start casting to the master bedroom display, instead of where I am at that moment