Started on app for Electrolux Pure A9 air purifier/fan

Since the official app was really limited in automation and what data can be extracted from it, I started on a Homey app to properly integrate it with the Homey.

If anyone is interested in trying it out I can send out an alpha invite.

The app is connecting to the cloud servers same way as the app does, so no local access to the fan unfortunately. Local access looks a bit tricky on this device.

and the beta is out

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Maybe it’s possible to add support for the other Electrolux portable acs as most of them have a remote to control some of the functions?

Maybe, but I think their ACs might use a different control stack altogether. The A9 seems to be based on some product from a Chinese company called Mila ( andthe remote control functionality is based on their cloud service.

Not sure how the ACs are controlled. Just having a remote could mean anything from Bluetooth to 433MHz or even IR in the worst case.

Version 0.0.5 just built, containing PM1 metric as well. You need to delete and re-add the device(s) to get this metric, as caps are only read during device install.

The new icons by @IvoDerksen also added, so the app should be a lot prettier now.

Version 0.0.6 just built, adding a couple of action flow cards to control fan speed, ionizer state and start in smart mode.

Dont know if its just me… but this wont work.

Unfortunately not just you. I got a mail from Electrolux a while ago saying basically, “we are deprecating that API soon and there is no migration yet. Maybe in the future”. I guess it stopped working now, and there is no stable API to the device anymore.

So unless someone wants to do a little detective work there is no immediate fix.

Best option would be to dig into their firmware to see if there is a possibility to do local access. Then one could ditch their cloud service (with the Homey, their app is redundant to say the least).

I won’t have time to investigate at the moment but if there is anyone who’s up to it I’m happy to accept info or better yet PRs.

Update! Weather is hot and badly needed to fix this (and I grew tired of waiting for Electrolux to publish their open API). The app is updated to work against their new API. On the positive side, they did not change that much and the change is for the better (no more phoning home to China it seems, instead it seems the ported the whole shebang to Xamarin and Azure App Service).

I have not have time to do extensive testing, but it seems most of the change is related to the boostrapping and authentication and very little to the API itself. It appears they switched to coding in Xamarin/C# so this is reflected by the naming conventions, but it seems most stuff still works.

If there are device owners willing to contribute to this app, please let me know. Since the devices have no means of local access, it means everything has to go through their Azure APIs that they break every now and then, and any help maintaining working state here would be appreciated.

The app is available here

Please let me know if there are any lingering issues and I’ll try to fix them in the upcoming days.

A few minor API issues were fixed and are on the way out (feel free to try out the test version). Also added control of the LED ring and control panel lock. LED ring control has no effect in Smart mode, only in manual mode.

Hi can i get this app too ?

Hi @Kyrcio,

Looks really cool!

I was wondering if it would be possible to connect the A9 device to the google home assistant so that you could add a couple of voice-based commands to turn it on/off, switch its mode, request room temperature and air quality info?

Also, how did you manage to find the Electrolux API endpoint (
Also I tried to look into some of the code in the electrolux.js file, and how do you get a CLIENT_SECRET that the API will accept and so you can get a clientToken?

Also just in general how did you find out how to query the API?

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Looks possible, see

Be aware, I’m not in the Google ecosystem so I did not try this, but similarly Apple HomeKit integration works well.

The API is not documented unfortunately. I was told they will publish an open API, but there has not been any activity on that front for over a year now.

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Okay, I see, thank you for the link.

I still don’t get how you managed to get a working CLIENT_SECRET for the Electrolux endpoint. Could you possibly elaborate on this part, thank you :slight_smile:

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@Kyrcio is it possible to get a integration for pure i9.2 aswell?

In order to be able to start/stop/pause the vacuum-robot? Maybe also being able to schedule it through homey?

I don’t own one, but I’m happy either for a donation of such a device, or a pull request with added support :slight_smile:

What is a pull request? Can i give you any information regarding the device in order for you to code it?
Would be happy to assist and help you out but I don’t know how to code…

In order to successfully implement a new device, I believe someone needs to 1) own the device 2) know to implement it. While I’m happy to help out, someone needs to do the digging and maybe hack together a PoC

Hi, first of all - thanks for the app! I dont actually use Homey, so I am trying to write integration for Fibaro ecosystem and your app has helped me so much, but as I am trying to do so, I am having trouble getting actual data from Electrolux api… I am able to authenticate, I can list my devices, but I do not see any data from them and it ignores all commands although I get Status 200 back when I send them to API… so I am wondering if there is some kind of maybe global issue, or just I have error somewhere… Does your app still works? Do you know, if there was any changes to the API maybe?

Hi @Lallanna I believe the API has changed, and some features seems to have disappeared, though the app still works fine (although there are reports that some features such as light sensors stopped working). I am using the app myself on a regular basis and I will migrate as long as this is possible.

To be honest, I am growing frustrated with manufacturers slapping a “smart” label on their devices without any means of local access. We are all in the hands of Electrolux keeping the APIs running, and this is probably the last appliance I bought that doesn’t have some means of local control.

Can you control the device using your app?