Standard wall switches to control Homey flows or other devices

Just to let you know - there are really interesting WiFi devices from BleBox - actionBox and actionBoxS. You can connect a mono- or bi-stabil wall switches (actionBoxS - one input, actionBox - 4 inputs) and as the new version of BleBox app ( BleBox Aplikacja na Homey | Homey ) now supports them, you can use them to e.g. start a flow in Homey! You can use any standard 230V switch. L and N wires required in-wall.
There are of course other options of using the devices - some motion-sensors and other “switching” inputs should work! You can read more about actionBox here: actionBox - BleBox
and actionBoxS here: BleBox actionBoxS - WiFi action, scenes trigger

As I use them for a longer time now, if you have any questions - just ask! :wink: