[APP][Pro] BleBox


This app adds BleBox.eu support for Homey Pro.
Now supports SDK3 and Homey Pro 2023!

Blebox.eu is a brand of high-quality products related to home automation. Created in 2013 by authors of the “Polish Invention of the year 2014” and 30 other technological and product innovations. Within 3 years it has evolved from a local start-up to an international company which provides innovative products to more than 20 countries of the world, including China.

Supported devices

At the moment this app supports the following devices:

  • actionBox - physical or virtual multifunctional action trigger

  • actionBoxS - 230V mini action trigger

  • airSensor - airSensor is your personal air quality sensor - it keeps you informed about the presence of harmful dust suspended in - dimmerBox - dimmerBox is the first device in the world which allows you to switch and dim 230V lights in your home or office. Control your lights from a smartphone or tablet, no matter where you are.

  • doorBox - an integrated, miniature controller: electric bolt lock, electric strikes and safety devices designed for access control

  • gateBox - gateBox allows you to not only open and close gates, but also check on their status

  • gateBoxPro - open and close the gate from anywhere in the world

  • humiditySensor - humidity and air temperature sensor

  • pixelBox - change magically the lighting in your home

  • rainSensor - detects the start and end of precipitation

  • rollerGate - open and close the gate from anywhere in the world

  • saunaBox - it is is the world’s first sauna controller that allows you to turn on and off and control the sauna temperature from anywhere in the World without the use of additional peripherals

your home and outside.

  • shutterBox - is a device designed to wireless control of electric roller shutters, awnings, screens, etc. (by using Smartphones and tablets), also from any place in the world.

  • shutterBoxDC - allows you to control roller blinds, awnings, venetian or windows equipped with low voltage (12-24V) DC motor by using a smartphone or tablet, also from anywhere in the World

  • shutterBoxDIN

  • switchBox - this device allows you to wirelessly turn on or off electric devices powered by network voltage of 230V and up to 3kW of power. You can control the load via mobile devices and/or personal computers wherever you are.

  • switchBox v3 - you can turn on and off virtually any electrical device using your smartphone and tablet. It doesn’t matter if you are at home, at work or skiing. If you want to turn on the heat before going home, switchBox is the solution for you. And it also has many other possibilities…

  • switchBox Light - the smallest controller in the world that allows wireless switching on and off of electrical devices powered by a 230 V mains voltage with a power of up to 1 kW from anywhere in the world

  • switchBoxD - switchBoxD - “double” switchBox - can wirelessly turn on or off main voltage electrical devices. It can control two 5A loads (in total 2 kW). Suitable for smaller devices, wherever you want to control two independent electrical circuits with a single controller.

  • switchBoxDC - switchBoxDC is a smart switch powered by low voltage (12-24V DC) which allows you to control virtually any electrical device from any place in the world.

  • switchBox DIN - on/off or “on time” high power switch for DIN rail

  • switchBoxD DIN - double on/off or “on time” switch for DIN rail

  • switchBox T PRO - tripple potential-free on/off switch or “turn on time”. Schedule, buttons, actions, notifications.

  • tempSensor - a device that indicates the temperature, equipped with a waterproof measuring probe, operating in the range of -55 to + 125 degrees Celsius.

  • tempSensor PRO - is an accurate temperature sensor with an extended range and increased resistance to weather conditions. It allows you to control the temperature with a smartphone from anywhere in the world.

  • tempSensor AC - temperature measurment from -55 to +255 degree, AC powered

  • thermoBox - the device designed for the intelligent control of heating or cooling with the possibility of cooperation of 2 digital probes

  • wLightBox - the smallest wireless light controller in the world, wlightbox allows you to control colourful (RGBW) and plain LED lighting. It can be managed not only by smartphones and tablets, but also from your computer.

  • wLightBox Pro - turns on and off RGBW LED lighting from anywhere, anytime. Install the controller in the place that best suits your needs, both indoors, outdoors or wherever you want. Use 4 ways to control the device.

  • wLightBoxS - Using wLightBoxS you can switch on, off and also adjust brightness of single color LED lights using your smartphone or tablet, also from anywhere in the World. It’s an alternative in compare with wLightBox (RGBW LED controller) for people who only want to control one color per device.

  • wLightBoxS Pro - turns on, off and dims single-color LED lighting from anywhere, anytime. Install the controller in the place that best suits your needs, both indoors, outdoors or wherever you want. Use 4 ways to control the device.



  • wLightBox bugfix

  • wLightBox v3 support added

  • thermoBox power usage approximation added


  • actionBox and actionBoxS support added

  • gateBox and gateBoxPro device class changed


  • two thermoBox drivers - for room thermostat and high temperature (e.g. water tank) scenarios


  • pixelBox bugfix

  • thermoBox bugfix


  • wLightBox & wLightBox PRO effects support added

  • shutterBox DIN support added

  • pixelBox support added

  • windSensor PRO support added

  • humiditySensor support added

  • added new Trigger Flow Cards for some devices

  • thermoBox rewrite to support more scenarios and higher temperatures


  • new device icons

  • switchBox DIN support added

  • switchBoxD DIN support added

  • switchBoxT PRO support added


  • minor fixes


  • dimmerBox V2 support added

  • gateBox 2022**** and 20230102 API Levels support added

  • rollerGate support added


  • Polling optimization


  • gateBoxPro support


  • HomeyPro 2023 bugfixes


  • tempSensor bugfix


  • Bugfix for tempSensorAC v2


  • BleBox API error logging bugfix


  • added FlowCards for switchBoxD relays

  • added additional shutterBox, shutterBoxDC and wLightBox FlowCards


  • shutterBoxDC bugfix


  • shutterBoxDC support added


  • shutterBox posiotion set bugfix

  • tempSensor AC support added

  • wLightBox Pro support added

  • wLightBoxS Pro support added

  • switchBox Light support added

  • switchBox v3 (with power meter) support added

  • removed unused power meter capabilities from older (v1) switchBox and switchBoxDC drivers


  • saunaBox support added


  • Wisniowski/RiCo branded gateBox support patched


  • another tempSensor bugfix


  • tempSensor bugfix


  • rainSensor support added

  • thermoBox support added

  • bugfixes


  • total rewrite of the code for Homey SDK V3

  • automatic mDNS-SD discovery of the supported devices (all but dimmerBox and doorBox)

  • support for power meter in switchBox

  • tempSensor PRO support

- BREAKING CHANGES: due to fundamental changes in the app, recreation of all devices is REQUIRED!


  • bugfix for dimmerBox v2


  • switchBox driver bugfix (double poll problem)

  • added information fields to dimmerBox settings page (hardware and firmware versions, product name)

  • added new flow triggers for dimmerBox device (fires when the device is turned on/off outside of homey - e.g. with a wall switch)


  • switchBox driver updated to latest API level (20200229). You might need to update your device to latest firmware.

  • added information fields to switchBox settings page (hardware and firmware versions, API level, product name)

  • added new flow triggers for switchBox device (fires when the device is turned on/off outside of homey - e.g. with a wall switch)


  • gateBox and doorBox user authentication added


  • shutterBox Tilt detection


  • shutterBox flow bugfix


  • shutterBox move to favorite position flow action added


  • added new shutterBox functionalities


  • another shutterBox bugfixes


  • shutterBox bugfix


  • doorBox support added

  • gateBox pooling bug fixed


  • total code rewrite for better memory allocation


  • memory optimisations


  • minor bugfixes


  • small bugfixes

  • changes for the new AppStore


  • gateBox driver bugfixes


  • added gateBox support


  • added Homey Energy support

  • shutterBox bugfixes


  • shutterBox support added


  • tempSensor support added


  • wLightBoxS support added

  • bugfix for switchBoxDC pairing


First public release

  • switchBox support

  • switchBoxDC support

  • switchBoxD support

  • dimmerBox support

  • wLightBox support

  • airSensor support


Nothing at the moment.


Hi @Piotr_Grochowski, do you know if the SwitchBox can be used to monitor the energy production of a small PV system (max. 600 W)?

I don’t know that but I’ll ask my contact @ Blebox.

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I’ve got the info - no, it’s not possible with a switchBox to monitor energy production of a PV system.

That’s too bad, because I already use your BleBox app and I wanted to avoid installing another app, e.g. Shelly or MyStrom, just for energy metering of the PV system.
Thank you very much for your support.

Hi @Piotr_Grochowski,
Some time ago you helped me to integrate the BleBox proxiBox into Homey using the HTTP request flow cards app.
Because the HTTP request flow cards app, as of today, is not updated to SDK3 and I only use this app for this one use case, I am looking for another solution.
Do you know another way, another solution to switch a lamp integrated in Homey with the proxiBox?
Thanks in advance!

I guess I found a solution.
If I understand it correctly, the proxiBox can be connected to other BleBox devices (via WiFi and/or wire) and then turn them on or off. Therefore I ordered a wLightBoxS v2. The wLightBoxS will then replace the current LED driver (ZigBee).
So I can delete 2 apps, the HTTP request app and the app for the Zigbee LED driver (only one device is connected).
I will inform you, if it will work.

Yes, it will work.
BUT using HTTP request flow cards adds more possibilities.
E.g. you may create a flow that will differentiate dim level of your LEDs depending on time of the day (e.g. 100% during the day, 5% during night) and fire it using proxibox.

This app is not yet updated to SDK3, but it will NOT stop working after 31.12.2022. It will still work fine, as usually.

I looked again in the manual of the proxiBox and the wLightBoxS and I guess it’s not possible to connect both via wire. With exception of the switchBox DC, which has a separate switch input, the other bleBox devices can probably only be controlled with the proxiBox via the wBox app (WiFi connection).
Accordingly, such day/night automations could only be done with the original wBox smartphone app, if it has such features (I haven’t checked yet).
But actually it is not very bad that I can not realize such automations via Homey, because the LED strip is actually always only switched on/off and not dimmed. And for this, a simple automation in the wBox app is enough.

Yes, you’re right. As long as the app is not uninstalled, it will still work. However, another goal is/was to reduce the number of installed apps. However, I hope that the new Homey Pro can handle more apps than the current Pro… :wink:

You can’t wire proxiBox with anything. It does not have any output!
It’s only possible to control other devices with WiFi connection - in the same way you connected proxiBox with Homey. BTW. you don’t need wBox app to do that, webbrowser is enough.
Day/Night automations can NOT be done with original wBox app. This can be done ONLY with Homey Pro (and HTTP request app). I use it in this way.

You’re right, I had looked at the wrong manual and mixed it up with the proxiSwitch.
I think I wrote a lot of bs, sorry.

Hi @Piotr_Grochowski,
me again, sorry… :see_no_evil:

The online store sent a wLightBox v2 (4 channel) instead of a wLightBoxS v2 (1 channel).
The customer service told me to try if it is possible to control only 1 channel with it. If that didn’t work, he would exchange the device for me.

So with the wBox app it’s no problem at all. When I set the device mode to RGBW, MONO or RGB/W, all I have to do is press the switch in the wBox app and the white LED strip is turned on to the previously set brightness (0 - 100%).
This is not possible with the Homey app. If I tap the device tile or the on/off button in the device menu, nothing happens. The LED strip will not be switched on no matter which mode is set in the device menu of the wLightBox (RGBW, MONO, RGB/W). The only way to turn on the LED strip via app is to select “Wight brightness” in the dimming section and move the slider up.
When the LED strip is on, it can be turned off using the device tile or the on/off button. But even if the LED strip is switched off via the device tile or the on/off button, it can’t be switched on again in this way. This has to be done again with the slider.
It’s also not possible to switch the LED strip on via flow:

– Turn on

It’s only possible with this flow:

– Set a color (white)

Another problem, there are no action flow cards available to set the dim-level level:
– Dim to %
– Set relative dim-level %

Since I want to use the wLightBox for another use case with an RGBW LED strip, it would be nice to be able to start the effects via Homey Flow.
Would it be possible to implement it?


  1. Please tell me how did you connect the wLightBox to a standard LED tape (which output)? I have here a standard non-S wLightBox, so I’ll connect it like you did and I’ll test this case to solve the problem.
  2. Reg. flows - I’ll check that
  3. Reg. effects - they are on my to-do list, so soon I think there will be available.

Wiring diagram:

And what are your wlightbox settings in Homey?
Especially ON value.

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The ON value field was empty. Didn’t know that this field must be filled, and with what. A description of this field should definitely helpful. Now it works as it should, with the on/off button and with a flow (turn on).

Thx a lot! :+1:t3:

I’ll add the description. The ON value is the value of all the channels used by wLightBox in format: RRGGBBWW - where RR is red channel, GG is green channel, BB is blue channel and WW is white channel. Every channel is a HEXadecimal value between 00 and FF. So 000000FF sends FF to white channel and 00 to all the other.

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Today I received the wLightBoxS v2 (1 channel) and it works like charm. Also the Dim level on ON is a nice feature. Maybe you can add this also to the wLightBox?
I also managed to turn the wLightBoxS on and off via the proxiBox without using the HTTP request flow cards app. That was all I wanted.

I disabled the HTTP request flow cards app and did not delete it. Maybe I will need the app at some point after all. :wink:

That’s what I’ve written before - you can connect wLightBox/wLightBoxS with proxyBox with WiFi, but you can’t do day/night dim difference with that connection (that can be done with Homey).

Reg. dim level on ON - with wLightBox it’s the same with “ON value”. Dim level on ON is for 1 channel only (as wLightBoxS is just 1 channel), and “ON value” is for 4 channels (as wLightBox is 4 channel).

I am aware of that, I just wanted to share that I made it. And I did it with a Polish manual (I’m from Germany). :wink:

I can’t try it anymore because I already uninstalled the wLightBox, but is the “ON value” of the wLightBox only just for color, and the dim-level is always 100 %? Or is it possible to set also the dim-level with the HEXadecimal value?

Hi Piotr,
Just received my first Blebox device, but forgot to check if it was supported by your app….:grimacing:
So my new ShutterboxDC is working very well with the original BleBox IOS-app, but ofcourse I would like to add it to homey.
Do you have any idea when you are able to add support for this shutterbox DC?

Thanks in advance !