[APP][Pro] BleBox

It’s a matter of day or two.

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Wow, that would be great !

v3.4.0 is waiting for certification by Athom, when it updates you should be able to add shutterBoxDC. Let me know if it will work for you.

I can’t try it anymore because I already uninstalled the wLightBox, but is the “ON value” of the wLightBox only just for color, and the dim-level is always 100 %? Or is it possible to set also the dim-level with the HEXadecimal value?

The color BUT also dim consists of 4 channels - red, green, blue, white. So you send both with one HEX value. E.g. FF000000 is red in full, but 33000000 is very dark red (dimmed red). It’s the same with every color.

Ok, thank you very much for the explanation.
For me it’s very complicated. Is it possible to simplify it?
But as I have already written, I currently no longer use the wLightBox. So it would only be a general request, not specifically for me.

Hi Piotr,
Thanks for adding the shutterboxDC so fast!
Can you maybe help me to add it to homey?
If I try to add it, homey says: no new devices found.
It is connected to my wifi and from the IOS app I am able to control it.

Thanks !


Is it updated to the last version (I mean shutterboxDC firmware)?

For me it’s very complicated. Is it possible to simplify it?

I don’t know how, you may suggest :wink: The HEX values are a standard that is widely used not only in smart home, but also in many places where you want to manage colors (e.g. in Photoshop).

Yes, I can choose to install the ShutterboxDC in the app.
Do I need to remove it from the original IOS app first?

Just removed it from the IOS App, but this doesn’t help.
Adding again to the IOS app is no problem.
Only homey doesn’t find it.

No, you don’t have to remove it in iOS app. I asked about firmware update of the shutterBox - you do it in the iOS app. If it’s updated Please let me know which Version and API level is displayed there.

Hi, it’s updated to the latest version.
See details in screenshot

Is it possible to use separate “ON values”? One for the color-code (without a dim level function) and one for the dim level?