Sprinkler system rainbird - what to connect

So far I have used Smartthing but I am moving to Homey and the only device I cannot integrate is the sonoff 4CH pro which controls the valves to water the garden. Do you have any idea if it can be replaced with what device to work with homey?

You can ask the app developer for adding this device in this thread.

No, that app is deprecated :slight_smile: If you want any chance of having it supported with Homey, it needs to be flashed with the Tasmota firmware and the Tasmota app should be used.

Oh sorry, I didn’t know that.

Tasmota works with sonoff 4CH pro very well.

I use them to switch hunter valves:


this is how it usually happens that you buy one and then it turns out that the pro version has what you need. I now have a homey bridge version and it unfortunately doesn’t support tasmota. So I found a different solution for watering, I will use shelly 2.5. I will wait a moment to see what new supports will be in the bridge version and possibly later I will switch to the pro version.