Spotify Connect Flow - only playlist, no artist/track/album

I was playing around to make flows with the Spotify app

Whereas as can start any playlist I have via the SpotifyConnect Sound bar I simply cannot find out how to start a specific track/artist/album even when I see the card.

When I select the playlist as action I get a Menü to select from when I click in the search field

But using one of the other 3 cards and try to click in the search field I directly jump to a page that there are no search results at all

Got Spotify premium as well as homey premium

after editing flows with the browser (and not as the mobile before) I was able to also search and change the 3 fields artist / title / album.

Saving tis also works fine in the flow. when double checking to edit the flow via the android mobile app (pixel 7) I still wasn’t able to select a value for any of the cards

seems to be an issue with the mobile app version of the card (maybe limited to android).

I submitted the issue also via the app support (as official app). But I will just create and edit flows using it via the web browser