Spaces in notifications

Since 3.0.0-rc.19 i cannot get this straight. Spaces before and after a value will be deleted automatically. Am i the only one or is it an bug? Is there otherwise a solution?

The values are in this example: waskamer, wasmachine, 49.6

So, sometimes its goed, sometimes its wrong. When typing a space, it will be deleted or it does stays but then an other space will disappear.

I have the same issue. It happens after and before a tag. Just go to your te text before or after a tag and insert 1 space. This solves the problem. Often it happens the first time despite adding a space. Adding a space afterwards solves the issue.

Thnx for reply… but as mentioned, it doesnt work… at least not for me. That is why i posted the question :slight_smile:

Besides, it was the first thing i tried.

Report it to Athom, they can change it.

you would think… it is now 2021 and still not fixed :frowning: at least not for me.

What version are you using? For me it works…


Just updated to 5.0, still same issue

It works better if you edit the flow using the

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then it works… sad… :frowning: