Sonos Speakers - Group for Alert Sounds

I swear I had this working and then when I revised my other flows to similar steps, it no longer works.

All I want is to have the Sonos Ray in my office play alert tones at the same time as my Sonos One SL that’s in my kitchen.

What I swear worked, no longer does. Sometimes when I test, I get a red underline shake at leave the group in the last step. No idea whether to see if it’s in the group or not. My original test that worked I had the Ray playing TV sound through my AppleTV, tested, it played the alerts on both speakers and then resumed playing the TV sound in the office from Apple TV. And now I can’t get it to work again for any flows including the original that was successful. I’ve restarted the Sonos App in Homey. Any insights?

Try it with a delay of 3 seconds between each card/step. For me it works with this delay.

Thanks, tried that hasn’t worked. So frustrated!

Having the exact same problem on my system and can’t get it to work.

Have you found another solution?

It’s not exactly the same, but it amounts to the same thing.

If I open my fridge door after 10pm, the contact sensor starts a flow.

  • If the speaker in the kitchen is playing music with the rest of the group, the speaker is first removed from the group and then the text is spoken;
  • If the speaker was not playing, the text is spoken immediately.

After waiting for 3 seconds, the speaker rejoins the group.