Sonos Radio error


I have a problem with one of my Sonos Ikea speakers. Since the beginning, I have always managed to stream a radio through an MP3 URL. However, since this morning, it is impossible to play radio URLs, while it works on my other two speakers. I have restarted the speaker, restarted the Sonos application, checked for updates, everything seems OK. However, I can play MP3 files without any problem, but not MP3 radio, as if Sonos had blacklisted me on this speaker, probably because of their extremely expensive subscription at 10 euros to have access to radios, which is totally abusive. When listening to the radio via the television or a hi-fi system, there is no extra charge. Finally, is there a solution to solve this problem and do you think it is possible to be blacklisted on our own speakers for personal use? For your information, I have the following error message when trying to play an MP3 radio (resource gone error).

I managed to fix the issue by selecting my Sonos speaker in the Homey app on my phone, then going to settings and choosing the repair option. It prompted me again for my Sonos username and password, and now it works. It’s very strange that this issue occurred when everything works fine on my other speakers. Do you think it would be necessary to report this bug to Homey so they can provide a fix?

I guess support will say: “That’s why the repair fuction exists”. In the wireless + cloud world, things go wrong sometimes.
But always report those hickups to support I’d like to say.