Sonoff wiring help


Wondering if someone could help.

New to Sonoff and new to electrical wiring.

I want to install 3 x LED lights in the garden and a solenoid valve for irrigation connected to a Sonoff 4CH switch. I need to use a step down for the Solenoid.

I think the diagram is correct although I am unsure how to add the light switch for the 3 outdoor lights. Does the switch need to go in between the Sonoff 4CH circuit?

Probably for some this is a dumb question but like a said I’m a total newby… any help would be much appreciated!

It doesn’t make sense to use that switch in combination with the 4CH: they are each on their own meant to control devices. The 4CH can switch each light, but the switch can do the same. You have to choose which device you want to attach the lights to.

If you want to have a 3-gang switch to control your lights, I think you should look at the 4CHPROR3 in combination with a separate RF 3-gang switch.

Great thank you . If I were to follow your suggestion would I be able to use both the light gang switch and voice/ app? Would one take preference over the other ie if I left the light switch to on but I’m not at home and wanted to turn it off I could do so with the app or would the gang being on override this?

The RF switch isn’t an electrical switch, it merely sends a signal to the 4CH to switch/toggle one of the channels (disclaimer: I never used either, so cannot say how well it works or what the range is). It’s basically a remote control.

So both voice/app and the “switch” control the same device, which should be no problem.

Awesome thank you