Sonoff R5 Alternative


Newbee here, but had my Homey Pro up and running for the last 6 months.

I have a range of devices and I ordered the Sonoff R5 scene controller switches, because I like the look of them and thought they had enough capability for what I wanted, only to find out that they aren’t compatible with Homey Pro.

I’m looking for alternatives, with at least a 4 button setup that I can control multiple devices, that work with Homey Pro.

Any suggestions?



Shelly i4 + Shelly wall switch 4

Sorry, should have been clearer, I already have relays setup and working, just looking for a scene controller/wireless switch. R5 would have been perfect as it didn’t require any wiring and could be fitted to a standard square back box.

Heatit Z-Push Wall Controller Black Matt
Homey App: Heatit Controls App for Homey | Homey

Info: Z-Wave, I have no experience with the device.

I like that, but I have no hard wired zwave devices. Most are either zigbee or Shelly WiFi so not sure how that would work?

I’m reading as much as I can but nothing beats experience so correct me if I’m wrong

Little bit overkill, but i use these😇

Hi Glenn,

How complicated are these to setup?

This is the forum topic, it is fully compatible with homey and i find them easy to setup. They come with a 5v power adapter that fits in the box behind the switch, so you need 230v where you want to mount them.

Very interesting… does this rely on the cloud at all or is it locally controlled through Homey?

Completely locally via mqtt

Amazing, we may have a winner!

Final couple of questions if you know the answers:

Do the smaller buttons have multi press and long press functions?

If one of the smaller buttons are pressed can the larger screen be programmed to change for example to a dimmer screen with plus and minus on the larger screen buttons?

Not yet, but I have implemented that feature on the Button Plus firmware and submitted a pull request. I am working on the owner to add it to the release firmware, however he seems reluctant to add it for some reason.

Although the primary function of the display buttons is to scroll through pages, it is possible to do what you ask. You can create a flow that triggers when one of those buttons is pressed which can then change the brightness, etc of any device.
However, the small displays can be configured to operate as dimmer controls directly by setting them to a dim capability of a device.

This is strange, but would be very useful

Ok… guess there will have to be an element of trial and error, but it looks promising.

Thanks for all the replies!

In the topic heading you added Z-Wave as a possible protocol, this is the reason why I suggested this nice Z-Wave Wall Controller… :man_shrugging:t3:

In my opinion the HP23 has a great Z-Wave range. Most of my Z-Wave devices (79 pc.) are directly connected with the HP23 (please see screenshot).
However, you have to try it out yourself to see if it works for you.

Hi Dirk,

Apologies, it was only after reading more that I realised I don’t have any hardwired zwave devices and don’t want to risk something not working.

Thanks for the replies!