Sonoff mini switches stopped working

Dear Robert,
My SONOFF mini switches have stopped functioning. They are visible in the Zigbee scheme. But It is nog possible to interview them. if I push the button they switch on on the icon but not in reality.
I asked Atom about this, They have looked into mij system en drew the conclusion that it is nog a Homey problem, there is something wrong in the app. Can you help me?

I hope you’re not referring to me, because I didn’t write the Sonoff Zigbee app (@johan_bendz did).

That’s Athom’s standard answer for anything they can’t explain or aren’t willing to fix.

I did refer to you, i think atom gave me a wrong link.

Thanks for your swift response

Hi @Harrr
Please keep questions to me regarding the Sonoff app to this topic: [APP][Pro] SONOFF Zigbee

(answering your DM too)