Been useing alot of 433 wall mounted devices and they are not relyable so I was thinking to change them out to zigbee of z-wave.
In the stores here in Sweden a brand called Sonoff have been popping up and see they are selling on Aliexpress…
Someone with experience on them, that can recommend them with Homey?
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Thanks in Advance

I am using one of the devices in this link. Working properly. It just shuts off automatically sometimes, but not very often.

The product in the link is working pretty flawlesly in my zigbee mesh, and functions as a router too.
I got a couple of them running 230v lightstrips in the attic (storage places) and a ceiling fan in the master bedroom.


I just have some SONOFF zigbee mini switches without power metering. They work as they should for some years, in my old zigbee hub and now in Homey Pro 223.