Some questions regarding association groups and advanced (?) functions

I hope someone’s able to help me out with the following.

Background: the building I live in have central fire detection, but I would like to have some sort of remote detection to be able to detect fires and alert someone to get my dogs out. There’s no need to have multiple alarms blaring. I have som Popp smoke detectors I can use for this purpose.

Is it possible to change how the Homey handles alarms? The last time I had some sort of alarm going off, lights started blinking and everything went haywire. That’s not the right way to keep dogs (or me) calm :wink:

What I would like: If the popp detectors detect smoke, I would like my front door to unlock and to get some sort of alert on my phone. I can then use join/tasker to do magic.

According to Popp support, I can supress the alarm by “You could deactivate the communication via association group 1 by deleting 1”. What do they mean by this? Furthermore, they say “Then you could try to send a basic set to another device via association group 3”. By this, do they mean something like create a virtual device, have association group 3 point to this device and then trigger a flow if the virtual device is turned on?


If you are using Fibaro Devices, just read the manuell carefully.
As example Fibaro Dimmer 2:

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