Solar panel and smile p4 power shown wrong on the energy tab

I added support for solar power generation and I think the total energy shown on this tab is not correct. It sums the smile and solar value together. In my case, smile it always the correct one (directly on the meter) and solar should be displayed separated in the graph. but at least not added as another consuming power source.

this is from the documentation

Solar panels generate their own energy. Homey shows these devices in the outer ring in the Energy tab.


  "id": "my_driver",
  "class": "solarpanel",
  "capabilities": [ "measure_power" ]

Homey will show this device separately in the UI. You should provide the generated power as a positive value. When providing a negative value, e.g. -13 watt, Homey assumes the solar panel is currently consuming instead of generating energy.

Hi Edwin.

You are misinterpreting the shown numbers. The outer thin ring shows your solar panel production (171w). The inner ring shows your total in-house usage. And that is 309w. The 309 comes for 138w from the grid (as shown by your P1 meter), and for 171w directly from your solar panels.

So the shown numbers are good!

Great app by the way, the Plugwise Smile :kissing_heart:

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ok cool, that makes sense, I like to see a good sunny day where I am giving back to the net and still see . the internal power usage calculated by the solar and smile

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in this case it is zeversolar but basically all solar apps can do this when they implement the following “class”: “solarpanel”, “capabilities”: [ “measure_power” ]

how can I change the display from negative to positive?

Not sure what you mean. Can you post a screenshot of the negative number you are refering to?

What app gives you the solar power? And what advanced settings do you have for the solar device?

The App is the Fritz Bridge with DECT 200 energy meter.

I think you need to contact the app developer, unless there is some advanced setting in the homey device.