Smartify sun screen up down


I’ve first tried finding a smart alternative solution myself, however I didnt find anything. Hence this post on the forums. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.
Im looking for an alterlative solution for a switch that lowers and raises a sunscreen.
Attached is a photo of the current (not smart switch).

Does anyone have any suggestions?
Thank you in advance.

You could look to this one :
But you could find it by your self all so with th help off google :slight_smile:
this switch replace the old one, works remotely and with the buttons, so it got the acceptance of your family.

Thank you Johan for your time, I really appreciate it. I did find similar stuff to what you posted, however those are for built-in situations. Also thats just a on off switch right?
Im looking for something similar to what I already have but can kind of switch in-place.

Anyone else have any suggestions? Would be highly appreciated.

Build them in a “build frame box” with same measure as the outside square.
Then you place on the wall, and the funktion will be the same and remotely with Homey.