Smart Switch 3 gang WIFI TUYA VERSION - how to add 3 buttons to HOMEY PRO

Hi I bought a 3 gang wifi wall switch. I have try to make a flow to push a single power switch when a presence sensor turn on. But it doesn’t appear the single switches of the wall switch to turn on in the flow tab. I see another the wall switch with one gang.

Can you help me please? Sorry for my bad English


When you’ve found the Tuya Cloud app topic, read the 1st post. Just like many other apps, there’s lots of howto’s, do’s and don’ts in opening posts.
You’ll read about two alternative ways to use any Tuya wifi device, I’d like to advice to use the ‘Raw Commands’ with your switch.

Hi, already try to post in the tuya cloud topic but no one answer, I don’t found a solution in the topic. Thanks

Missed that one
Here’s raw commands from the openings post: