Smart power plug lives his own life

My smart plug ( Ikea ) stops working after 30 sec , normaly when there’s motion in the Bathroom or Toilet it works as long there is motion ( motion sensor set to 180sec ) ( it always worked ) . so i swaped my plug for an other brand , corrected the flow still the same problem.( it always have worked till 2 weeks ago ) no changes at my home.
I changed my flow into : ligtbulb on smartplug on, lightbulb of smartplug off.

some sugestions wil highly appreciated

Oke , i had my Fan and lights in the bathroom working on an aquara motion sensor ( set to 180 sec ).
All worked fine , when i enterd the Bathroom lights on and my Fan starts working, as longs as there was motion.
Fan is powered by a smartplug.
Till 2 weeks ago everyting worked fine , Atm the lights go on , also the fan, but the Fan stops after 30 sec, lights stay on as long as i’m in the bathroom.
To find the problem i swaped a good working smartplug , with the one which powering my Fan.
The result is the same Fan stops after 30 sec and the lights stay on.

Please show the flow(s) that you’re using for this.

Het betreft hier een Homey van Early 2016
Homey Versie
App Versie

You don’t have any other flows that might cause the fan to turn off?

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Nope can’t find anything else, it worked till 2 weeks ago, and nothing was changed or add.

What flows are mentioned if you open the fan device? There should only be two.

The 2 flows mentioned above

No dirt nothing plug turns off

Try adding a (push) notification card to the “Badkamer uit” flow to see if it triggers after 30 seconds or after 180 seconds.

How do i add a push notification ?


Word steeds gekker hier krijg na +/- 5min push melding dat hij uit staat, maar staat gewoon nog aan

Dan is er iets mis met je Zigbee (/Z-Wave/WiFi) netwerk. Kan van alles zijn: storing, dat je geen goede mesh hebt en/of de apparaten op het randje van het netwerk zitten, of het onvermogen van Homey om op een betrouwbare manier meerdere apparaten tegelijkertijd vanuit een flow aan te sturen

Then there might be something wrong with your Zigbee (/Z-Wave/WiFi) network. Could be anything: interference, not a proper mesh and/or the devices are located around the maximum reach of the network, or Homey’s inability to reliably control multiple devices simultaneously from a flow.

Hi @Dickslinger

You replaced the plug and still the fan was stopping after 30 seconds and the lights were still on. This suggests that the fan is functioning weird. If you can put another device in the plug instead of the fan, does that other device stop too after 30 seconds?
Does the fan has a own timer or humidity sensor? Could that be the problem?

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The fan has no sensor it’s in the attic , i think the problem is that je is almost at the end of the signal