Smart Life / Tuya killing IFTTT

So I just received a notification that Smart Life are killing IFTTT

This is a huge problem as I use a bunch of devices through smart Life that connect to homey through IFTTT

Is there any other way?

Same here… can’t believe they are doing this tbh.

There is a Tuya app for homey that can do some things but it’s far from what is expected. Not sure what the other solutions are but I am afraid that it’s gonna end here for these devices.

It’s crazy. It makes the whole sales pitch for those devices pretty poor. I mean integrating has never been more key to smart home

I can’t believe this thread isn’t getting more traction / help. Surely must be loads of people using Tuya devices??

I’ve come across Tuyaconvert which seems to flash tasmota onto these devices but
a) I don’t have a raspberry pi to test at the moment
b) I don’t know if that helps us get them working with Homey or not…

Yes, if possible I would say, Tasmota is the way to go. There is a Tasmota app for Homey, which (for now) supports plugs, switches and dimmers. Further development is expected.

That’s handy to know. No ideas if my devices are supported but sounds like might be the way to at least try

Wonder if there’s a way to do it without a Raspberry pi…

Another thought would be to use Alexa as an intermediary if possible… The devices still support Alexa so if I could somehow use Homey to send a command TO Alexa (i.e run a routine) then that might work as well

Omg… just came across

Discussion here… Tuya Cloud app

So, panic over…

I have one device I can’t add at the moment which is a thermostat (tho I use it just as a switch with IFTTT), will request over on that thread, but for now this seems to do the job!

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I wouldn’t be so sure, because, as you can read in the article, they are also changing/killing the API. I’m not that into scripts and API’s but I’m guessing this might also change the way apps communicatie with TUYA.

Did you even read my reply above regarding the Tuya app 4 days ago?

Oh really? Oh no…

@Hannes85 isn’t this what we’re talking about? When you posted I thought you meant the one that needs to get IDs from the device (which was the first one that came up)

I meant the Tuya cloud app. Problem is that the entire api will change/close down so it doesn’t matter if you use ifttt or anything else, integration will most likely stop to exist.

Where is this info about then shutting down the API? I only received notice of IFTTT

Well it appears they were right.

The homey app stopped working for me yesterday :frowning:

It’s not May 26th yet, so it’s likely the reason for your problem is something else.

Oh. For some reason I had may 4th in my head…

Just reconnected in settings and seems to be working for now

Anyone know why it would disconnect?

Homey being a black box no one can definitively tell you why these things happen. IMO, Homey’s networking isn’t stellar.

Use Brilliant Smart app for Tuya devices and IFTTT. They use, like many other companies, Tuyas products and their cloud.

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Yupp. I saw Paul Hibbert mention it.

What tuya devices are good to get?