Smart home monitor

im surprised there isn’t a smart home monitoring app or anything of this sort in the homey pro…is there plans for this? part of smart home is home security…i know there are unofficial apps for this, but that requires still making custom alarms?

If you’re looking for an security system app, use Heimdall. Don’t wait for Athom to make an “official” app, because it will either never be made, or it will be a minimal app just so the marketing department can say that Homey can be used as a security system.

youre making it sound like homey is a bad smart home hub/app…lmao

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It’s just not a security system, none of the smart home hubs are, they’re designed with a completely different mindset.
I suggest using a separate system for security stuff, one that can be integrated with Homey but operates independently.

Yes! Hello!

It would be great if there was such a thing, but unfortunately it simply isn’t there. :frowning:

I would think it terribly simple that the app would use the own communicator of the existing official alarm systems (every simple system witch not older than 40 years has one :slight_smile: ). integrating the alarm signals and the status of the sensors.