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Smart Farm - Homey as bridge?

Hi all. I am new to the Smarthome world and currently research solutions.

I have a farm with;
mainhouse (Orbi WiFi setup)
workshop building (orbi WiFi reaches)
horse stable building & guest house (currently no WiFi - I am planning to extend WiFi with extra Orbi satellite).

I want to create a ‘smarthome’ that allows me to control devices in all the buildings. Am I right in thinking that ‘homey’ works over the WiFi… so, as long as my devices have good WiFi then they can talk to ‘homey’?

Like I say, I’m new to this… From reading bits of the forum I see that there is a lot of very knowledgeable users here! Thanks for ya time, Andy.

Homey works at all sorts of technologies and wifi is just one of them. The first question ofcourse is what sort of devices you want to control in the stable building?

You could either do two things to my opinion

  1. buy three homeys and let them control each building seperatly (which would be e mess to control…)
  2. Use wifi only devices such as the stuff from TP-link and install the following app. (https://apps.athom.com/app/nu.baretta.tplink)

the last would be preferable I guess. As long as every building does have wifi connection on the same network as the homey.

Hi Jeroen… really informative reply, thanks.
Primarily I want to hook up (existing) floodlights in the stable building… and the same with floodlights in the workshop building.

The WiFi will be one single network.

I’ll take a look at the link.

Thanks again!

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