Smart doorbell tips? Synology and Homey compatible

Who knows the perfect smart video doorbell? I am looking to tick as many items on the list below as possible:

  • Homey compatible (duh…)
  • Synology (Surveillance Station) compatible. Or: ONVIF
  • battery powered (my doorbell location has no easy access to 230V)
  • not too expensive (preferably below 150 euros)
  • no obligation to any cloud subscription.

Options I see now are very limited:

  • Eufy (battery powered one). Quite expensive though, and no direct integration with Homey.
    But perhaps has anyone spotted a good competitor to Eufy?

I will be following this one.
I’m in the same boat.

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Me to but with 230 volt


Thats mostly not a combination thats exist.


do you finally found some product ?
I’m in the same case…


do you finally found some product ?
I also have an access with 230v

Hi all,
I went for the Eufy battery powered doorbell. Really happy with it. Although it doesn’t have onvif and so it isn’t synology nor homey compatible. But it might be that this will somehow be added later on.
By the way, it is now on sale during black Friday at coolblue.