Smallest motion sensor?

What’s the smallest motion sensor available? Any one that knows?

Probably then ones from Aqara?
Have multiple ones, can easily recommend them! :slight_smile:

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@Henk_Renting the round one? Yes, have several of them and they are great. Just not the best form factor for this project. Ideally I’m looking for something white and as flat and as small as possible.

Hmmm, I think smaller ones will be very hard to find…

@Henk_Renting Then I’ll just have to do some modifications :blush:


This is also an idea ( I don’t own it)

@Peter_Kawa sure is. Unfortunately I can’t lower it down in to the wall or roof, or else this would be a very good option

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Hello, I have several motion sensors, and in my opinion the smallest is clearly the Aqara Motion Sensor, without the stand. It’s also the one that reacts fastest and doesn’t make a useless and painful red light when it activates, like other brands. It is also, unless I am mistaken, the cheapest.

So maybe the one from Philips Hue?

These are pretty small. AND also have a lux sensor & Temp sensor that will measure independent of the motion sensor.

The Aqara is definitely the smallest but I would go for Fibaro.