Aqara motion sensor constantly triggering motion alarm


I recently bought an Aqara Motion sensor (battery) and I am having problems. It seems to be constantly triggerin motion events when noone is in the room. I had to disable the turn_on_lights flow, otherwise it was constantly turning lights on and off during the night. Has anyone else struggled with this?

There are no curtains flapping, no flies flying.

I also have a trådfri sensor, which works really well, but wanted a sensor reporting lux also, although the fact that Aqara only reports light levels when there is a motion event does limit its usefulness.


Do you have devices like fans or air conditioners in the room? A motion sensor doesn’t actually sense motion, it senses temperature differences. Open windows, where colder air from outside blows into the room, are also a possible reason for false triggering.

There is an air conditioning unit, but it is not in the same room and there is not a direct line of sight from it to the sensor. No open window, but the window does have a ventilation hole.

The sensor is in the kitchen.

Have you tried using the sensor in another room?

actually, no. Good idea, will try that.

Right now, I have it wrapped in a towel, just to see if it is malfunctioning.

I can confirm your malfunction with the Aqara. For me, 3 Aqara sensors show the same behavior. It only improved after repeated resets. Devolo Zwave motion detectors also show this ghost switching, but only 2-3 times a day.

I have just Bout a Aqara motion sensor, and have tried installing abort 5 times now, but it Keep on having constant motion alarm. Has any one fund a Way to male it work, becuase The app Sams that it supportet.

I never got is stabilized. There were some that got it stabilized by 'interviewing it a few times.

I ended up using it for lux measurements only.

Ok thanks but its a shame, because it isva very nice size compared to other motions sensors.

But also irritating because it says that the app in homey supports the product, so that means that it is always a risk buying new equipment if one cant trust the what the apps should support, I thought that there would be some kind of quality control on the apps that homey gives access to.

Is does, but with any device a chance of malfunction exist. There is nothing an app developer can do about that. Hundreds, if not thousands of people use these sensors without problems. You just found some other persons with a similar problem.

I’m even using one outside (shielded from rain) without any problems.

Only at night, or also during the day? Mice? Also read somewhere they may be sensitive to changes in light. Is there a lspot pointed towads it or something similar?

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So that means that the one I have could be defect, I have tried it in a room with no lights on and nothing to interupt with the sensor, but it keeps on showing that there is activity all the time, and have even reset up 4 times now bur it keeps acting the same way.

But I would have think that there is a generel problem with this type of sensor, because I have been doing more searhes in to this issue, and can see that there our many with the same problem. But I don´t know alot about the Aqara world so they may just have a lack of quality control. :slight_smile:

That could very well be true, my reaction was mainly due to the fact that you seemed to blame the app developer. The app developer can do very little about this. The thing that is most reported is that it is very sensitive, maybe too sensitive for some.
Have you tried putting it in a different place, if only to see if it is something in the environment? Like maybe put it in the bathroom or something where there’s not that much that can fool the sensor? It is an infrared sensor. Maybe a heater turning on and off?

I have about 10 Aqara motion sensors, bought at different times and also different versions. I never had an issue with any of them.


I have tried having it pu away in its boks for more than 10 minutes, and the sensor was just regestring movement constantly why pakced away. :slight_smile:

I think a may have to try to get it swaped and hope for better luck. :wink:

This can only mean that this device is broken!
Aqara devices are normaly very reliable.

Okay thanks, I will see if I can get a new one, and hope that everything will funktion. :slight_smile:

Hello Dalle, I see that this problem occurred to you some time ago. Unfortunately I am currently experiencing the same problem. Has buying a new sensor solved your problem? Otherwise I will return the device.