Small, wireless light

OK, so I’m not sure if this exists, but I haven’t been able to find it and it’s a very simple thing.

I am looking for a (very) small, wireless light (so yes, it operates on batteries), which connects to Homey. I want to use this to indicate the current state of a device (on or off). I need this in another room than Homey, so I can’t use the led-ring.

Colors are not required (simply on/off is sufficiënt), but would of course add more options.

Extra points if the thing is really small.

I had something like this in mind (but this cannot be connected to Homey)

What about a plug with a LED ring, like a Aeotec Smart Switch 6.

The problem with a plug is that the device (and it’s plug) is somewhere behind a closet. So the plug won’t be visible

Program it with Homeyduino.

Really cool solution, suitable for quite a few applications.

But I forgot to mention, I don’t have any programming skills. I was hoping for a plug and play solution, but maybe that just doesn’t exist. :thinking: