Show variable on button in place of energy

Would love to see the possibility to place a variable or tag on a button in the app (in the place of the energy usage).

This would make it tremendously easy to see in what phase / what step a device is under influence of a flow.

Making energy usage not visible here should be not a big issue since we have a seperate tab just for that.

You could create a virtual device and set the capabilityValue through HomeyScript.
I dont think there is any way to realise this with existing devices, since it would need a capability that you can set without it doing something.

Is the option for a seperate (virtual) device an option for you? If so i can add it to my Device Capability App (implementing it now, will be in test in a few moments).

I have just put Device Capabilities 1.5.0 to Test Device Capabilities | Homey.
You can create a Virtual Device, set how many fields you need in the settings of the device and then set the value through flowcards:

Create device

Set settings

Use a flowcard.

Capability is set:

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Does this result in the possibility to show such field on the button of a device ?

thats good, unfortunaly it is not possible to show one (or more) of the fields in the icon.(status indicator)

And exactly this is what I would like to do… Not something that can be done by an app I expect which is why I posted it here…

Thats why I tested it, probably it will be added by @Arie_J_Godschalk if possible.

I can create that for a number or a yes/no, but not for text.

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I have updated Test to 1.5.1, now able to select the number or boolean as status indicator in small Icon or Mobile app.


Meaning, yes, you can use this to show the status of a flow, but i guess you have to do that numerical.
I, indeed, cannot make the Text available in Small Icon/Mobile form.

btw, adding Button option right now, so the button can be used for flows and there responses.

Added: Buttons (can be set through settings) can be added, so you can use it as a push button for flows.


Wauw. I will be sure to test that, numerical status is fine for me !

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Looks like i found a solution for text also!
Ill let it know!

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That would be a real break through, Arie!

Update to version 1.5.3.

Delete the device and recreate it (i changed to much ;))
Then set the status indicator to status.

Then you can set the status through a new actioncard:


The Zero (0) is needed to function correctly in the Mobile App.


Also, the mobile app doesn’t update correctly always: maybe we need a ticket for support from Athom.

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How did you got a text capability showing up in the device tile? As I know this is only possible for numeric capabilities?

This is really cool… it means i can add a short code to the button for “dishwasher” showing if it is running, cooling down or off….

Will test asap !

Really very cool!
Some examples:


But, it indeed doesn’t update well yet on it’s own. Closing and opening the app makes it updating:

Or selecting anothere zone/room and go back will also make it update.

I will send in a ticket to athom support. But since i am using a nondescript function/ hack to achieve the statustext, im not sure the will hurry to fix it :wink:

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