Short flash for HUE bulp if someone PRESS Ring doorbell

This category is created to show, and explain the working of specific Flows in homey.

When a person is detected by my Ring doorbell, I want to short flashing let the bulbs in a specific room.

  • first, RING does only provide alerts for movement detection but does not share if a person is detected (which is a specific type of movement detection) OR if the button is pushed. It should be much appreciated if this type of information would be available in HOMEY as well.
  • how to let the HUE BULPB flash. Currently, I only have the possibility to turn it off, wait for a second, and turn it on. This, of course, is a notable solution, but I prefer a short flash. Is such possible?

I don’t know why you repeat the information about the “flow category”? Especially since you should now be aware that you are asking your questions in the wrong category. The “Questions & Help” category would have been the correct category. Or the relevant App threads.
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Have you searched in the relevant thread to see if these functions are even possible with Homey? You can also submit a feature request to the app developer in this thread.
These points are already on the ToDo list regarding movement detection. Maybe this is exactly what you need:

It would be important to know which Hue app you are using. I myself use the “Philips Hue, without the bridge” app (by J. Bendz) and can say from my own experience that there is a flow card for this and it works:


And if I have a look at the Philips Hue App (by Athom) in the App Store, there is also a flow card for flashing the bulb:


What I do not know, if this will work with any model of lamp/bulb.