Shelly Pro 3EM cumulative power consumption

Hi Guys,

Today I installed my Shelly Pro 3EM. Looks good so far but I cannot find a proper card for cumulative power consumption for a specific period of time. e.g…day, week or month. There is only one card for total power consumption.
Maybe I missed the card but after checking for hours over and over again, I start to think that it is missing.
If it is missing, does someone have a hint how I could get this values?



Hi Alex,
You should use the Power by the Hour app for metering power (and cost), which does all that for you. It’s a really great tool!

My fridge for xmpl:

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Thanks! Will have look at it :slight_smile:

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Now I have another problem. With Pour by the hour I cannot create a device which covers all three phases. It wants to create each phase as separate device.
Sure, I can write a flow and and sum them but seems not to be that elegant.

Please ask in the topic I linked to, the dev reads along, and other Power by the Hour users.

Thank you :slight_smile: