How to build a power consumtion report

Hi to everybody,
i own an Homey Pro and a set of Shelly device connected.
Using meter measure capability of shelly i would like to store power consumption for last month in order to have statistic about home consumtion for my device.

i run some test using different technics and identify this 2 option:

  1. easy to do but complex -
    Create a pool of flow in order to reset every month consumtion value in a virtual power device, and store months value in relative month virtual power device…i hope to be clear about my logic
    problem is how to show this value in a summary page
  2. very difficult to do -
    create some homeyscript to get consumtion value from device and store in global variable, outscript should be valid to summary value but very complex to mantain

now my question: some one can help me to find if some app or other function is already present?

something like:

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Exactly, i already try this app but have some problem or issue…

All device added using this app is not reach after homey reboot , i need to remove and re-add device so statistic is not real so i stop to use it.
But i would like to have a report with this summary, is possible?

If you mean that Power By The Hour is in error after each reboot: I worked around this by making a flow that restarts the app 10 mins after a reboot. That solved it for me until the developer can come up with a permanent solution.

You have to enable the Power user experiment for the “System” flows to show up, you’ll find the card to restart an app there, along with the condition for Homey reboot.

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