Shelly devices stopped working


20 hours ago all my Shelly devices stopped getting refreshed (1PM, H&T, Motion). I can switch 1PMs on and off form Homey but no feedback of motion, temperature, energy consumption, anything. Checked my devices on Shelly Cloud and they work perfectly fine there. I saw the Shelly app was updated. What do I do wrong?

Did you already reboot or PTP your Homey?

There is no local Homey. I use Homey Cloud only.

You can try to “restart” Homey cloud.
This is only possible when you temporary change the language.
After selecting an other language, you’ll have to confirm a restart. Restarting takes about 5secs.

Updating the shelly device firmware also seems to resolve these kinds of issues.

Changed language to German and back to English. Restarted two times. No success. :frowning:

All Shelly devices are on the latest firmware but I restarted one to see if that helps. Bad luck. :frowning:

Bummer. Please report to or [APP][Pro&Cloud] Shelly
And the beta team
Feedback Homey (Beta)