Setting PowerMeter of Fibaro manually

Hi Community,

I had to reset one of my Fibaro WallPlugs. Unfortunately the KWh Value of the Powermeter is gone.
Is there a way to set this value manually to the last value I noted?


Unfortunately it’s not possible.
Next time don’t reset the plug, just exclude it from the Gataway.

As workaround you can create a VD start with the value you have noticed. And use a flow to calculate the new value.

Hi Osorkon,

thank you. Bad to hear, I thought it might be possible to to us a ZWave command to set this basic information. If I had have the chance to avoid the reset I would have done it without, but Homey did not want to connect until the reset (although I excluded the device already)


Unfortunatly that is indeed a limitation of the z-wave protocol, you can only reset the meter(s) or get the current value.

Exluding does not always preserve that data though, enough devices completely reset the device to manufacturer default when exluding, so also the meter(s) are reset.

But that does not apply to the Fibaro Wallplug. It is rather an exception that when excluding, the total consumption will be reset.

Not exactly the same question but it comes close… Is it possible to reset the meter without excluding/including the wallplug?
I have some Qubino modules which have action cards to reset the power meter, but it looks like there’s nothing like this on the Fibaro wallplugs or am I not looking good enough?

I believe in the past the fibaro also had that flow card, but cant find it anymore so guess they removed it from the app