Set up non pro Homey

I just bought a Homey pro and a regular Homey.
Have spent some time setting up my Homey pro and it works well.
But now I want to set up the other one but have no clue how it should be done.

When I follow the instructions I end up in the app where I get one alternative “Set up Homey pro”
Same thing happens if I just try and add a new homey in the app.

How do i add my non-pro Homey?

to Pro or not to Pro
Athom has decided to call all white balls Homey Pro. So just carry on with ‘set up Homey Pro’ and it will find your regular Homey (I expect).

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How does your non-pro look like? As Peter sais.

Read this Announcement, you probably need to setup the Homey as if it was a Homey Pro

Aaah cool. Will try and do install for homey PRO then.

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