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Service Announcement - Homey v1.5 is now end-of-life

For anyone who missed this email and is still on a Firmware before Version 2

Service Announcement

Homey v1.5 is now end-of-life

Your Homey’s firmware is now end-of-life, and the cloud servers have been shutdown. But don’t worry, you can still update to a newer firmware.

Read How do I update a Homey from v1.5? to learn how to update your Homey to the latest firmware.

In case you want to stick with Homey v1.5, no problem. Just know that all cloud-related functionality such as logging in, push notifications, remote access & more are not available anymore.

You can still login to your Homey from a web browser using the following unique URL: BearerTokenFromBeforeFirmwareVersion2

Anonymized my URL, use your own private URL from before v2

Please note that when your Homey’s IP address changes, this URL won’t work anymore.
Update from v1.5 to v5.0