Sensor triggered flows/Tags that check sensor, drains battery faster?

I have a suspicion but I would like to check others experience here. Or someone with deeper understanding of how homey communicates with the sensor can enlighten me.

I have a quite a few flows that triggers on a specific motion sensor (Neo coolcam) on my corridor and also flows for my bedroom AC that adjust based on my aqara temperature and humidity sensors.
My other flows do check on the tags of these 2 sensors a lot.

For the past 2 years, I’ve had to change their battery twice whilst other Sensor I have (both aqara and Neo) are still running ok will less battery drain than these 2. I even swap the sensor with other from another locations and the ones that are at said corridor and bedroom ac still drains faster.

Does flows that use sensors as trigger also cause the sensor to “wake” more? Ie does flows that check the global tags cause homey to send a wake command? Or is the info only updated by the sensor. I’ve the wake up interval all set the same and settings are at default.

Very curious to understand why they drain must faster since the corridor sensor is in the same area as another sensor near my toilet that triggers as often but that is still running at 40% but the corridor sensor is drained. Same for my other Temperature sensors on all my ACs so I’m ruling out foot traffic.

Homey can not make (any) zwave battery device wake up, only the device itself can do that. (with the exception of FLiRS, but the neo devices aren’t FLiRS devices)
So no, more flows can’t drain the battery quicker.

  • Walking past sensor(s) more does drain the battery quicker.
  • Changing settings so lux and or temperature are send more often, or a lower wakeup interval then default, also contribute drainage.
  • A low temperature environment (below 5 degrees celcius) can also drain the battery quicker.
  • Bad/old batteries capacity can also be a reason.
  • A bad connection to Homey can also be the cause as it will retry sending more often. (max of 3 times per send).

And there are most likely more things I didn’t think about, so many ways to drain the battery faster, but nothing Homey can do unless you change settings.