Sensative App becomes paused after homey reboot

The Sensative App becomes always paused after Homey reboot. PTP, Firmware Update, Reboot via Flow etc.
The issue started with Homey v3.0 and ist still there with Homey v3.2.0-rc.3.

Is there someone with the same issue?

@Thorarin I think you are the developer of the Sensative App. Do you already aware about this issue or it’s new for you?

Af far I know @Thorarin is Mia.

@Osorkon I’ve not personally experienced this with any Homey firmware, and I keep it up to date regularly.

I get very infrequent crash reports from the app. Maybe once every couple of months, so that isn’t very helpful either.

Are you using Strips Guard, Comfort or Drip? Or a combination of those?

You could install the 2.1.0 test version and see if that fixes anything. I’ve not made any conscious fixes for crashes, but a commonly used library (homey-meshdriver) was updated which contained several small fixes, from what I can tell.

@David_K Unfortunately the fix in the pull request has nothing to do with the app pausing.

Whatever it is I’m glad you are here with us and not MIA. I’m a big fan of strips and the app so thumbs up for coming back and keeping the app updated.

Well, it depends on what you consider MIA :sweat_smile:
I typically see updates of issues on GitHub sooner than posts on this forum (if they don’t get drowned in the pile of email each day).

Even after tagging, I wasn’t getting notification of posts here. Hopefully that is now fixed.

I was under impression you were quite hard to reach (hence mia - missing in action) :wink:. I personally don’t have any issues whatsoever but followed or at least read topics mentioning sensative and saw that some strips had issue with tamper alarm.

Nontheless, glad you are here and you still have interest in keeping the app in the development. As I’m quite aware this is all in your spare time I find it quite possible “life” messing up someone’s plans so… glad this isn’t the case. :blush: