Senior alarm


I I’m thinking to build a senior alarm for my mother, someone already did this, have ideas, tips how to achieve this?

I off course looked to the commercial systems already available but there not really cheap +€300 ( and then you off course also stil have a monthly cost from about €15 seems a little over the top for this to be honest :frowning:

I’m looking to build something as for instance a Jane system:

So my idea is the buy a Homey, place in every room a small switch, but I would also like some kind of key fob or something that she can wear on here wrist, or on a small chain.

Setup as I see now, will be

Welcome to hear any ideas, tips how we can fine tune this more, but I think that it should be possible to build a nice system this way

Also if someone has a homey they want to sell in Belgium, Netherlands always interested :wink:


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Why not use something like

My mother also got that and even ourside rhe house see has a alarm button. Also gps so we know where she is when needed.

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I didn’t know this one but looks very interesting, thanks!


There is off course still some kind of monthly service cost ( ) but €5 is a lot more acceptable and here you got a lot more for that money also so looks like a very nice option!

Yup even around 4 euro, when paying for a whole year at once.

You even can call to the spotter (cant call from the spotter) side note ….the spotter has i believe a swedisch number so when call to the spotter the price is a bit higher. at the other hand you wont use it, only when really need it.

Yep but there is also the possibility to use Skype and then it’s free it seems:

Ah didnt know that👍

2 years of service included in the price.
tracking every 10 min and a panic button for a notification in the app.

great advantage; it also works outdoor, is not relying on WIFI, Homey, zigbee to work.

For safety applications i would always choose for “active” signals.

Thanks but this will not work in Belgium I think, but also very nice solution to be honest!


voor zover ik er nu tijd aan besteed heb moet je dan alleen nog zelf een applicatie schrijven (of vinden).
Ik weet niet of er voor dit device al iets generieks bestaat.


I have got a SOS Button for my father. This he can wear and when he pushes the button, you can decide with a flow what should happens.
The link to the shop where i got this is