Send PUT request with authantication fom homey


I’m looking for a way to send a PUT request that requires authentication with a Homey Flow to my Hikvision IP camera.

A working PUT command looks like this: http:Camera IP here/PTZCtrl/channels/1/presets/Your preset number here/goto
Hikvision does not handle GET request for some reason, only PUT

The purpose is to change the PTZ position of the camera by adjusting position presets defined in the camera when a PIR sensor is triggered in Homey.

Anyone with an idea how to do this with Homey?

It depends on the sort of authentication it requires, if it works with Basic authentication, you can probably use this:

http://username:password@cameraip/PTZCtrl/channels/1/presets/Your preset number here/goto

Make sure that both username and password are properly (URL-)encoded. You can use this page for that.

That worked! Very nice Robert! :star:

I created a Flow with the Logic → Web request card. Method PUT and URL according to Roberts suggestion.

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