Send a massage over MQTT

I don´t know where to start looking for answer. Maybe some one can point me in the right direction.

I´m trying to start a playlist on my Falcon F16V4 controller.
I have this information

MQTT Settings

  • MQTT events will be published to “falcon/player/FPP/” with playlist events being in the “playlist” subtopic.

  • CA file is the full path to the signer certificate. Only needed if using mqtts server that is self signed.

  • Publish Frequence should be zero (disabled) or the number of seconds between periodic mqtt publish events

  • FPP will respond to certain events:

| — | — |

| — | — |
Starts the playlist (optional payload can be index of item to start with)

This is my latest try. Anyone know howto split into message and topic?
Do I need to add some characters

The message usually is the last bit of the topic
send to topic:


Not sure if they want the playlist name to be in the ${ } part, just try the two different playlistname formats
Screenshot from 2023-10-21 01-14-49

Thanks for some good ideas, but sadly they did not work.
After searching some more I find an example from HA.

If someone else is running into a similar problem, here is my solution

Message: HALLOWEEN (Name of my playlist)
Topic: falcon/player/FPP/playlist/name/set

This starts the playlist and plays it onetime

Good to hear.
Still it’s odd the topic is a shuffled version from the example by Falcon :smirk: