MQTT Client no topics


I finally found a way to get information from my district heating Kamstrup 403. I have a python script that transfers the IR-data to a MQTT broker, in my case it mosquito running on Windows 10. The data is then being transferred to the broker.
When I open the MQTT explorer on the same computer or a remote computer, I can seen the data. So far so good.

Now I want the data to be available in Homey. I installed the MQTT client app, configured it with the IP and Port number from the broker. But i’m not receiving any topics/data :frowning:

I cannot figure out what i’m doing wrong. (ps. i turned off the windows firewall to be sure)

Do you have any flows that trigger on the relevant topics? If not, the MQTT Client has nothing to do.

:man_facepalming: that was it I had no flow, thank you :slight_smile: