Sector Alarm

This is a forum thread to discuss Sector Alarm related topics for the com.edling.sectoralarm App.

Currently working on a update at the branch GitHub - frodeheg/com.edling.sectoralarm: Add support for Sector Alarm to Homey.
Aiming to:

  • Resolve the stability issues in the current version
  • Update the version of the sectoralarm library this app uses (previous version had 6 vulnerabilities (2 moderate, 3 high, 1 critical)
  • Translate app to Norwegian

The app will be linked to this thread with the update so further issues can be discussed here.

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For reference, the development is on hold until the author of the original app has updated his git repository with the live version (GitHub - Vaggan/com.edling.sectoralarm: Add suppor for Sctor Alarm to Homey.).

The git repository was updated with the live version last week but I have had little time lately so fixing the issues has been a little delayed. I will get back with further updates once I get some more progress.

All the stability issues has now been fixed. A pull request has been sent to the master repository. It will probably get live within a few days.

The app owner just merged my updated code and it can be tested here: Sector Alarm | Homey

I have been running this version without problems for a month now with my own build so for those that can’t wait for it to be published the test version should be fairly safe to install.

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Hi I were planning to use the Sector Alarm app with my Homey 2023, but it looks like there is no activity on the Sector Alarm thread, so my initial question is if this integration is actually working, and if the physical Sector Alarm panel has to look like the one pictured with the App add device.
I had the alarm installed in 2015, and that panel looks different, and what Sector Alarm now supply is a third variant. Are some one able to put some light on this ?

The plan was to electrically disconnect the Kitchen Oven and cooking plates and arm the security cameras when the alarm is turned on.

The app is working, but it’s not perfect.

It got better with the updates I mentioned above, but you still cannot trust it 100%. For that, it needs some more fixes. For me it’s working good enough and it seem to be reliable if I restart it every night.

Though, the new panel probably works since Sector Alarm doesn’t have an API to communicate with - all this app does is communicate directly with the Sector Alarm web-pages.

BTW: I created this thread and linked it to the app when I did the above-mentioned updates, but the app developer removed it for some reason when he pulled in my updates, so I do not think he is reading this forum at all… You may have more luck trying to communicate with him on email (though sometimes he use 3-4 weeks to respond)

Thanks for your clarification. It then seems like all alarm panel versions should be supported.

I will set it up with a small test first to see that I can track the armed / Disarmed state in Homey, by writing these events to the timeline, and let it run for a while without any app restarting initially. I will report back here in 2-3 weeks

Got my sector alarm updated to their new alarm can’t log it in now, is there an update?
I got this error message

Send the developer a mail about it, he doesn’t read the forum.

I’ve just added the Sector Alarm app to my Homey.
When I shall configure it by adding a user it says that I should not use System owers username & password but a guest account.
I thought you created guest account as the System owner? But to access that do I have to login with my System owner credentials.

I can not create a additional account (guest account) from the Sector Alarm login page as my phone number is all ready registered as System owner.

How do rest of you do?

The warning was just added because the user/password is stored unencrypted on your homey. However, you will not get any more or less access to your house with the system user or the guest account so I guess it doesn’t matter.
You just have to be aware that if you give people access to your homey, they may be able to extract the password with some clever programming. (Blame Sector Alarm for not using a rest API for communication with their servers. I find it a bit odd when they are a security company after all…)

When I added the Control panel device to my Homey, I got that error saying “Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘Lenght’)”

It appeard that the password that I had configured on the Homey Sector alarm settings were not correct. After correcting the password, I were able to add the device.

I tested the password by logging out of the sector alarm app on the phone, and found that I could not log in there using the password I had set in Homey for sector alarm, so after I found the correct password and corrected it, it worked fine.

The following is based on that I said here on Aug 9 that I would set up a test and veryfy how well it worked with my needs in the lead.

I have been monitoring the events that the alarm is on and off, and I have never restarted the sector app, but Homey have been restarted 9 times since then. Up to 16 days without restart. No visible pattern found related to days running or restarts.

At random intervals from 2 to 10 days it happpen that I not get a notification of a transition, and it is only once that it is the event that the alarm is set on that is missing.
I have also seen that the event that the alarm is turned off in the moring have been up to 6 hrs delayed acording to event timestamp. Normally the events are 1 min delayed.

However, some weeks ago I noticed that when Homey is out of synch with the actual alarm state, the Sector Alarm app on the phone also shows the same wrong status, so for the last 4-5 occurences I have verified that Homey is in synch with the Sector alarm app on the phone.

One morning when the alarm were turned off and the Sector Alarm Phone app ( and Homey) said the alarm were on, I called Sector alarm and asked for my alarm status.
They could tell me that the alarm were turned off at 6.28 Am that morning, so it appears that Sector alarm have an issue to share the status. They stated that they would look into this. I have got two SMS messages that they are working on it.

I have a flow with the Device Capabilities card “Device became unavailable” card and it is sector alam reporing most issues . Not sure if this is related but I will keep monitoring

I will keep You updated.

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Hello guys please i need help i have sector alarm devices (detector camera and smoke alarm and 2 alarm) but i can’t connect them to the sector alarm app so can i use homey app to connect them ?

Sector Alarm does not expose the smoke alarms and detector camera through their interface (or at least they did not last time I checked) so I don’t think that would be possible.

Does homey work with Sector Alarm new alarms, they have updated their alarm system to their own system with a new app.

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