Sector Alarm

This is a forum thread to discuss Sector Alarm related topics for the com.edling.sectoralarm App.

Currently working on a update at the branch GitHub - frodeheg/com.edling.sectoralarm: Add support for Sector Alarm to Homey.
Aiming to:

  • Resolve the stability issues in the current version
  • Update the version of the sectoralarm library this app uses (previous version had 6 vulnerabilities (2 moderate, 3 high, 1 critical)
  • Translate app to Norwegian

The app will be linked to this thread with the update so further issues can be discussed here.

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For reference, the development is on hold until the author of the original app has updated his git repository with the live version (GitHub - Vaggan/com.edling.sectoralarm: Add suppor for Sctor Alarm to Homey.).

The git repository was updated with the live version last week but I have had little time lately so fixing the issues has been a little delayed. I will get back with further updates once I get some more progress.

All the stability issues has now been fixed. A pull request has been sent to the master repository. It will probably get live within a few days.

The app owner just merged my updated code and it can be tested here: Sector Alarm | Homey

I have been running this version without problems for a month now with my own build so for those that can’t wait for it to be published the test version should be fairly safe to install.

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