Searching for a flow to flash innr lights on fire alarm (Advanced Flow)

Hi All,

I would like to flash lights in a specific order when there is a fire alarm in the house. With Hue I can select Flash short/long and repeat this easily. So I can create: Flash Hue light 1 long → 2 sec. delay → flash Hue light 2 long,… and then repeat the flow (so they flash in that order, till fire alarm is off).

But I have also Innr lights in my house, that are not connected to Hue bridge, but directly to Homey and the app (Innr) doesn’t support flashing yet.

Is there a way, except turning on and switching off the lights in flows and repeat this, to make this possible?

I don’t know if this is possible with Homeyscript, to set a script that they need to flash (in specific order) when smoke alarm X turned on, (till smoke alarm is off). I don’t have the coding skills yet to create this, if this is even possible.

If this is possible: This is then 1 script to flash a specific light, that you can enter for 1 light, or what is the best then?

I have the Advanced Flow possibility and I like to set this up in an Advanced flow.

Thanks for the info, tips and the help!


You can make a flow like this: (sorry in Dutch)

This flow should be disabled by default.

Then when the fire alarm goes off you enable this “flash flow”

With this card (turn flow on)

When the alarm goes off you use the turn flow off card.

This is how I would do it. of course there are other ways :smiley:

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I am also doing this like @martijnpoppen explains. But only for the burglar alarm.

For the fire alarm you want to have 100% light, not flashing I think? If your house is full of smoke, it’s just blinding when they flash? Or are you making a shortest route trough the house with flashing lights…? (follow the light)

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The basics are the same with repeating a flow, but this looks like a much better solution. So this way seems already a good one. Thanks! That I didn’t think about that :sweat_smile:.

@Sjoerd1 Indeed, the idea is indeed to create a route with the lights, like you said “Follow the light” principal.

I don’t know yet, if this is going to work well, that it’s clear enough to see a route. I will let you know the result :smiley:


Ah let us know indeed, I’m curious if it wil work.

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