Searching: App for keeping inventory of my fridge/pantry

So we’ve got an old ipad mini (1st gen.) at home that’s collecting dust. So i thought, why not use it as a tracking device for my fridge, and also as a cooking help. (showing recipes and stuff). I know it’s lazy and unnecessary, but I thinks it’s cool and fun to play around with haha.

To go in detail: I want to stick the ipad mini on the side of my fridge. So we can use it as a cooking assistant. At the same time I want to have an app that keeps an inventory of what is in my fridge, and idealy that gives my notifications when something is about to expire or if we’re almost running out of something. Extra awesome: a barcode scanner included to scan the products.

I googled around and found some things but I am curious if there is someone here that is using an app for keeping inventory?

Or maybe someone has a brilliant idea on how I should make this project.

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